wherever you are

In an attempt to broaden horizons and pull heads out of clouds of electronic devices I thought I would state the obvious.

Your life is more than your career.

It is more than just your kids, your workout routine, your diet, your partner, your past, your physical appearance, bank account, mental state, friendships or lack of. It is a combination of those things and much more.

Our culture has developed a case of tunnel vision that has led to emphasizing individual areas of life and with its short circuited attention span usually falls in a hole when in a situation it no longer cares for. If you have ever found yourself tolerating a situation you should have already excused yourself from, pretending to enjoy things that you hate, or measuring the quality of your life by circumstances that are out of your control, all you need to do is recognize that personal freedom is still a thing and take some initiative.

If you hate your job, you need to first recognize that as a big part of your life, and at least be mindful enough to not let that negativity influence and consume the other areas of your life that give it meaning. If you are completely miserable where you are and staying in that line of work holds no promise of improvement then it might be time to do something else. With that said, try not to buy into the idea that the grass will be greener anywhere else because the grass is usually greener where you water it. Change can be a big part of the solution but is never the solution itself. You have to put in effort from there.

So what if you aren’t financially sound or doing what you love in your daily work? That doesn’t mean you will never get there, and despite the fact that deep down we already know this, we still continue to get discouraged and convince ourselves otherwise. Experiences and connections have to take place before any of us ever ‘make it’ and they are the most important part of the journey. You never know who you will meet or what you are going to learn and you aren’t going to reach your full potential overnight, so be patient while you work.

If a moderately successful person can appreciate their current situation after years of struggling to make ends meet and wishing to be in a place similar to where they are now, anyone who has ever made progress in life should be able to do the same. The last thing you want to do is negate your progress, over complicate your life and create the the illusion that everything is perfect.

We could instead just work hard and trust the process, get over ourselves a little bit and take interest in others, which in turn would change the mindset and motivation of our culture from self serving to wanting to contribute, help those around us and engage in a happier and healthier life.

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