for the anxious bride

It takes a lot to pull off a wedding. I got married five months ago and it has taken this long to fully recover from eight months of planning and self inflicted stress. Our wedding was a beautiful and nearly perfect day that I wish I could relive a hundred times because it truly was […]

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do not conform

Humanity is out of control, obviously. But what has really been distressing me lately is how deeply self proclaimed Christians have fallen into western culture. From burying ourselves in all kinds of debt, believing in and working for the American dream of wealth and success that has been spoon fed to us since birth, to […]

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growing pains

For a person who doesn’t believe in having any control in this life outside of their own free will, the question “if you could change anything about your past, what would it be?” seems ridiculous. I have answered this on several occasions with the run of the mill response of nothing, and the reason being […]

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