do not conform

Humanity is out of control, obviously.

But what has really been distressing me lately is how deeply self proclaimed Christians have fallen into the trap that is western culture. From burying ourselves in debt, believing in and working for the American dream of wealth and prosperity that has been spoon fed to us since birth, to pride, selfishness and materialism that inhibits our ability to think beyond our own basic needs and allows no chance of even considering helping those less fortunate after our wants completely overwrite the idea of humanitarianism, to all forms of media addiction and obsession and conforming to the ways of the world in every way imaginable.. I could go on, just look around.

Scripture says that we are saved by grace and that salvation comes to us through faith as a gift from God and I believe that’s what it means.

Here’s my dilemma though: I’m not satisfied with just believing what the Bible says, going to church once a week and living life in selfishness outside of the religious walls. I believe that I have been called to do more in life than just sit with my belief, take up space and self serve, and I am praying and searching with everything in me to figure out exactly what that is.

Also worth noting: I think it is incredibly foolish for self proclaimed Christians to sit around gossiping and pointing fingers in judgment at the way other people live their lives at any given time. i.e., what political candidate they’re voting for, whether they prefer to use the word shit instead of poop, if they regularly have a glass of wine with dinner, if they get pregnant out of wedlock and not consider that child of God to be an unplanned mistake, if they drop out of school, struggle with an addiction, celebrate Halloween, refuse a flu vaccine, eat gluten, decide against having children, not attend church weekly or whatever else you could possibly unnecessarily judge someone for, all while the world is quite literally falling down around us.

Something needs to change. That’s all I have to say.

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